Where Do We Start?

What are you? Who are you?

Don’t be surprised….No matter how long you’ve been open, you are defined by how people see you.  Is their description correct?

Fenton Group, Inc. has 25 years of passionate commitment assisting small and growing industrial companies execute smart, effective marketing fundamentals that ensure long term growth.  We are aligned with seasoned Marketing and Business Development Executives specializing in manufacturing, industrial, and B2B market spaces.

INVESTIGATE – Know your market.   Know where you stand.  Use confidential, credible, third party research and market intelligence to help you make strategic decisions about competitive positioning.  Are you using trade associations, trade media, and trade events to your advantage?

DIFFERENTIATE – Is your business “Me Too” or do you have something unique?  Invent something positive!  Can you leverage intellectual property or develop a unique product or service that can be trade named or trademarked?

COMMUNICATE – Inform, advertise, promote, be visible.   Do you have a proper web and media presence?  Is your sales force equipped with brochures, collateral, or an “elevator speech?”

EDUCATE – Customers want to know how to better position themselves.  Are you a resource?