We believe FACE TIME – Not FaceBook – ensures success.

Sales Relationship

The key word is credibility.  Immediate ACCESS to prospects does not automatically earn long term CREDIBILITY.

Social Networking can compliment certain go-to-market activities and certainly is a must have for B2C, consumer based or “trend” oriented promotion (Examples: Promoting a band, selling cell service, or promoting a restaurant).  But, manufacturers and distributors of products need long term plans to differentiate themselves by showing customers:

  • Production Capabilities
  • Customer Support
  • Ongoing Product Development
  • Commitment to the Industry

Fenton Group, Inc. remains focused on the traditional “4 P’s” of marketing – Product, Price, Place, Promotion –  to help you deliver an overall promotions plan.  Perform all 4 P’s and you BUILD CREDIBILITY and a LONG TERM CUSTOMER base.


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