Fenton Group, Inc. strives to be a complete resource to companies that use our services.

A) Sales and Marketing Fundamentals

You’ve been successful.  That’s why you’re looking at fine tuning and growing.  Have you defined and communicated properly your core market competencies? Are your executives and reps carrying your business message effectively? How do you leverage expertise to grow or diversify within this scope? Have you defined and leveraged your Intellectual Property (IP)?

B) Interim Management and Recruiting

When identifying the right people for all disciplines –whether marketing, operations, financial, or technical –very talented full time people could be available, but are they the right match for you and is the timing right?   We seek to understand fully your objectives, match work output to your goals, and remain open to when it may be appropriate to let a full time person take over.

C) Market Development

You need accurate macro and micro market information available through credible trade associations, publications, and research companies to assist you with your strategic planning.  Fenton Group can help you assess the competitive landscape and understand the supply chain in preparation for a new product launch.

D) Qualifying Mergers and Acquisitions

When you want to expand market share, consolidate competition, or diversify, how will you set criteria to identify growth targets? And will you be able to plan the transition to ensure growth and mitigate risk? When you are ready to grow by merging or acquiring other companies these fundamentals should apply.